1. What is your educational background?
My professional background is journalism and publishing and I originally studied photography as a means to illustrate the articles I was writing for national newspapers and publications. I’m trained to go into completely uncontrolled environments to take artistic, editorialized photographs that tell a story.

I also worked for many years as an Editorial Coordinator and Editor for national magazine brands, which allowed me to develop a real eye and sense of design when it comes to capturing events, curating gorgeous visual collections and creating brands from the ground up.

2. What do your clients say about your work?
It’s probably best if I let them tell you themselves. Please visit the LOVE NOTES page.

3. How would you describe your style of photography?
Real moments, always – that’s my motto! My style of photography is vibrant, lively and genuine. I avoid posing photo subjects as much as possible, instead preferring to observe and experience a wedding, then capturing what naturally unfolds in an artistic, yet authentic light. Clients say that my photography is quite cinematic and makes beautiful natural moments look like stills from a romantic movie.

4. Are you insured?
Yes, of course.

5. What areas do you work in?
Gooseberry is available for hire throughout Toronto, the GTA, Ottawa, the Kawarthas and Northumberland County. (Travel fees may be applicable). I will happily travel to further locations as well for a small additional fee. Destination weddings are always of interest too!

6. Do you have your own studio?
Yes, I have a lovely professional studio situated in downtown Toronto. It is brimming with natural light, has the most comfortable couch in the world and a fantastic sound system so you can bring along your very own playlist if you’d like! You can see a photo of the studio here.

7. What is your booking process?
A 50% deposit and signed contract are required to officially secure a photo date.

8. I don’t like myself on camera. Will you Photoshop my body?
No. Gooseberry Studios believes and supports positive authentic body image and it is the studio’s policy to not Photoshop a subject’s body. In other words I will not artificially thin arms, legs, waists etc. to create a fake likeness. Instead we strive to create a shoot that naturally empowers you, makes you feel confident and showcases your very best self.

9. Where did the name Gooseberry come from?
Quite literally out of thin air. After spending hours upon hours with Google looking up all sorts of brilliant name ideas only to discover that they were in fact already claimed, I turned to my faithful little ragamuffin of a dog, Lucy, who is nicknamed Goose, and said “What is to be done Gooseberry?!” Needless to say, the name stuck.


1. When should I book my wedding?
As soon as possible, because wedding dates do fill up quickly. Gooseberry Studios only shoots a certain number of weddings each year and tends to book wedding dates a year (or sometimes even two) in advance. However, no matter when your wedding date may be please CONTACT ME to see if your date is free!

2. How long have you photographed weddings for?
I have been shooting weddings for over seven years (and shooting professionally for magazines and national newspapers for even longer!) I have captured weddings in sweltering +40C summers, in torrential downpours, in the middle of freezing winters, in blustery autumn afternoons and everything in between. I have photographed destination weddings, civil ceremonies, elopements, church celebrations, rustic settings and urban centres.

3. What are your Wedding Photography Package prices?
Please visit the Wedding Gallery (and scroll down on that page) for complete rates, package information and samples of work.

4. What is your booking process?
Step 1: Look through my portfolio gallery or Instagram to make sure you like my style.
Step 2: Look through my pricing page to make sure Gooseberry will fit your budget.
Step 3: Contact me with your wedding date and wedding location.
Step 4: We will schedule an in-person or phone interview to go over any questions.
Step 5: A 50% deposit and signed contract are required to officially secure a wedding date.
Step 6: We start planning your photography coverage!

5. Will my wedding photographs be retouched?
Yes, absolutely! Your entire wedding photography collection will be professionally retouched and edited with care before being delivered to you. All editing time is already built into my pricing so there are no hidden fees for this service.

6. Will I be able to print my wedding photographs myself?
Yes! Your final photographs will be delivered via a private online gallery, which can then be downloaded directly to your computer and printed at leisure. You also have the option of ordering professional prints directly through your gallery as well. A couple of clicks and your print order arrives right at your door!

7. Can I meet you in person before deciding to book?
Absolutely! I offer FREE no-obligation in-person interviews where we get together for a coffee or drink and chat through all of your questions, as well as review in-depth samples of my work and print products. Just call to set up your interview!

8. How many weddings do you shoot per year?
Gooseberry captures 25 full day weddings per year and a number of smaller ceremonies per year (ie: civil ceremonies, elopements etc). I purposely limit the number of weddings I shoot each year so as to ensure that my wedding clients receive my undivided attention and the best, stress-free experience possible.

9. Do you work with a second-shooter?
Gooseberry has great second-shooters. These are well-trained, very professional individuals with whom I have personally worked with time and time again. No random hires, no interns. They are professionals.

10. Do you offer videography services?
No, Gooseberry only offers high-end photography services at this time. However, I am happy to refer you to a couple of amazing videography companies here in Toronto if you are interested.

15. Do you offer albums, DVD sets or canvases?
Yes I sure do! Please take a peek at the WEDDINGS PAGE (scroll all the way down) to see a list of our stunning print products.

 16. I still have questions. Can I speak to you in person?
Of course! Please feel free to CONTACT ME to set up a phone call or coffee date whenever you’d like! I would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have!


1. When should I book my family/baby photography session?
I recommend booking your photo session 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure that you get your preferred date as my schedule tends to fill up quickly. However please always feel free to CONTACT ME with your date inquiry.

2. What if I book an outdoor session and it rains?
If the weather turns horrible on the day of, we will simply reschedule.

3. What if my children are too hyper to sit still to have their photo taken?
Honestly, there is no – such – thing! I rarely ask children to sit still to have their photo taken. It simply isn’t natural or fun for them! I actually encourage jumping and running around during photo sessions — yes, even when in studio — and then follow with camera in hand. The more lively, the better in my books! My approach always results in one-of-a-kind images that will make you smile for years to come! So please, please do not worry about little ones refusing to sit still.

4. What is included in your newborn/baby photo packages?
Please visit the FAMILY GALLERY (and scroll down on that page) for complete rates and package information.

5. Can I give a Gooseberry photo session as a gift?
Yes, absolutely! Just let me know what occasion the photo session is for and I will design a custom gift card for you to surprise your loved one with! Ideal for baby showers, birthdays and anniversaries in particular.

6. I still have questions. Can I speak to you in person?
Of course! Please feel free to CONTACT ME to set up a phone call or coffee date whenever you’d like! I would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have!