1. What inspired Gooseberry Prints?
Gooseberry Prints was inspired by a love of storytelling and animals. The artist wanted to create a body of limited edition artwork that brought to life lovable characters who would not only compliment a wide variety of home decor styles for all ages, but also become a cherished family heirloom.

Gooseberry Prints work is intended to inspire an understanding that no two animals are alike and that much like the creature characters who populate our books and imaginations as children, real life animals are also truly wonderful friends.

2. What is it like to work with animals?
Working with animals is a tremendous privilege and as such every animal-centric photoshoot is orchestrated with the deepest respect, patience and understanding for the creatures involved.

Gooseberry Prints always ensures the safety, well-being and comfort of the animals at all times above anything else. However, we would be lying if we said there was never time for animal snuggles when circumstances allowed for it.

Follow us on Instagram for a peek at what it is like working with animals in the studio.

3. How many collections does Gooseberry Prints release each year?
Gooseberry Prints releases three brand new, all-original collections each year. However, once in a while a special ‘bonus print’ becomes available at a moment’s notice. The best way to keep informed of our new releases is to regularly check in with the Gooseberry Prints website, follow us on Instagram or Facebook, or sign up for our adorable newsletter.

4. Are the props Photoshopped onto the animals?
No. Each final Gooseberry Prints print does undergo an extensive post production process (of course, any professional image does) but the props incorporated into each shot are not in any way falsified. What you see in each shot is actually what happened in studio during shooting. Each print presents an authentic moment and scene. *

*the animals’ well-being is always top priority. No prop is used that stresses an animal or makes an animal uncomfortable.

5. Can I purchase the hi-res digital file of a Gooseberry Print so that I can print my own at home?

6. What are limited edition prints?
Limited edition prints are just want they sound like – limited! Only a certain number of copies are created per limited edition print and each is signed and numbered by the artist. Once they are sold out they are sold out forever (so be sure to get them while you can!)

7. Can I purchase a specific print number from a limited edition print?
If your little one was born on July 16th and you would like print 16/50 for their nursery, please write to us. If we have the specific number in stock it is available for purchase and we will happily ship it out to you.

8. Can I purchase a custom size Gooseberry Prints print?
No. Custom sizes are not available at this time. However, Gooseberry Prints offers a variety of different sizes to suit a wide range of spaces in your home.

9. Are Gooseberry Prints available for wholesale?
Yes. Our 8×10 print sizes are available for wholesale. If you would like to become a stockist, please fill out an application here.

10. Where do the animals you photograph come from?
Gooseberry Prints works with various animal rescue organizations, ethical breeders and private families who have adopted animals in need. Not all of the animals we photograph are rescues, but all come from very loving, responsible and well-informed homes.

11. Can my pet model for Gooseberry Prints?
Possibly! Sometimes we do post open casting call notices on our various social media channels. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest casting call notices.

12. Will my Gooseberry Prints print look exactly how I see it on the website?
Gooseberry Prints ensures that every print is beautifully coloured and impeccably presented to mirror what is viewed on the Gooseberry Prints website. However, please be advised that due to various monitor calibrations prints may not look exactly as you see them at home.

This means that what you see on your smart phone may look very different from what you see on your home computer due to each monitor’s individual settings. However, we promise that every Gooseberry Prints print will look stunning when it arrives!

13. Can I purchase a print from a collection that has sold out?
No. Once a print or a collection is sold out it is no longer available. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so that you don’t miss our new releases!

14. Are gift certificates available?
Yes, gift certificates are absolutely available and make wonderful baby shower, birthday or house warming presents. Purchase your gift certificate here.

15. Who is the photographer for Gooseberry Prints?
The photographer and creative director at Gooseberry Prints is Laura Louise.

16. How can I stay up-to-date on new prints and collections?
The best way to stay connected with Gooseberry Prints and the newest releases is to sign up for our newsletter. This newsletter is only sent out when Gooseberry Prints is running a sale or when a new collection or print is added to the shop. And it is completely adorable if we do say so ourselves! Sign up here!

17. When I receive my print can I photocopy or duplicate it?
No. Each Gooseberry Print is copyright protected and strictly prohibits any replication of any kind. This means you cannot by law photocopy, manipulate or reproduce any Gooseberry Prints even for personal private use. The print will always remain the intellectual property of the photographer and may not be replicated in any manner.

Think of it this way – when you purchase a novel you own the physical book, but you do not own the story. It is illegal to copy, print or reproduce the story in any manner; doing so is called plagiarism. Similarly, copying, printing or reproducing a photographer’s work/imagery is also a form of plagiarism and it is strictly against the law.

18. How do shipping costs work?
Please visit our Shipping Page here for more information.

19. What does each print size look like on a wall?
Take a peek at our Sizing Chart that we created specially to show what each print size looks like hanging on a wall. We also recommend browsing through our Inspiration Gallery to see how other Gooseberry Prints customers have displayed their prints for ideas and sizing references.