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Month: July 2013


Toronto-family-photographer-baby-portraits-LLB-CreativeWorking with kids is always a very rewarding experience. When they are little enough, they never really know about being ‘on’ for the camera and as a result beautiful, pure, unrivaled moments can be captured. I always urge families to invest in professional photographs of their babies, because they change in the blink of eye — literally! You’ll go to sleep one night and wake up the next morning to a child who is that much closer to being a grown up. Email me today to book your child’s photo session!





I find that a lot of people today (myself included from time to time) are obsessed with the quest for perfection in one form or another. We picture the ‘perfect’ life — the ‘perfect’ family, the ‘perfect’ career, the ‘perfect’ apartment, even the ‘perfect’ hair style or wardrobe — and then we find ourselves inexplicably saddened when reality doesn’t measure up to our internalized and often outrageous expectations. The truth is that ‘perfect’ is an inconceivable concept, a notion that despite its idyllic definition simply cannot be, no matter how hard we try.

Rather than struggle to bend (and tragically, break) the world around us into a confined and unnatural definition, we must instead learn to see it for the chaotic, yet wondrous thing that it is. True beauty lies in the general messiness of life and if you let go and look closely at what is otherwise construed as ordinary, you are guaranteed to find wonder.

This is a philosophy that I always bring into my photography work — a conscious effort to look for the ordinary, for the messy, for the otherwise overlooked, and bring it into focus for all to see. Everything in life can be defined by how you choose to look at it. I choose to look at and document scenes with hope for the best — with magic.

So today I would like to propose a challenge…find something that is imperfectly beautiful and allow yourself to be inspired by its presence. Above is my find, a sweet little flower that looks like its petaled head just rolled out of bed to sleepily attack the day. I would love to see what you find inspiring from your own adventures today, so please feel free to share your photos on my Facebook page.




Mini-session-poster-750To celebrate the redesign of LLB Creative’s website I’m offering studio pet mini sessions in Toronto at a great price! Above is a fine art print that I photographed for Pawsh Magazine‘s “Run With Me” photo exhibit and print shop. Please consider it an example of the quality of image you’ll receive from a studio session with me. Here are the answers to some popular FAQs…

Why is a mini session a good idea?
The reason I’ve decided to offer mini pet sessions is because I truly, deeply believe that having professional photographs of a beloved furball is a priceless experience. Pets are an important part of the family and as such should be included in the family album. Plus, I love the chic, modern look that a studio setting can bring to a session, don’t you?

What exactly is a mini studio pet session?
A mini studio pet session is a short and sweet professional photoshoot for your pet in a studio setting. I promise the studio experience to be soothing, fun and relaxed for your pet. There will be lots of treats for your pet and snacks for you!

What will the session include?
A mini session means 30 minutes of professional shoot time with yours truly and ONE pet. You are guaranteed six final hi-res, edited photographs. I do my best to supply a lot of laughs as well along the way (fortunately for me the pups usually help with that!) There will also be coffee, tea and snacks for you while your pupster struts their stuff on camera. And as the doting pet parent that you are, you are of course invited to observe the session in the studio!



Earlier this year I began volunteering with an amazing organization called The Tiny Light Foundation. Based in Calgary, Alberta, this Canadian charity coordinates photoshoots between families with ill children and photographers who agree to donate photo sessions at no cost. So far it has been an incredibly moving and inspirational journey and I have had the enormous pleasure of meeting some truly fantastic families along the way.

Here are a few outtakes from my first TL session with Tiny Light Ethan and his doting parents. We had a riot chasing bubbles through the park, playing baseball and hide-and-seek, as well as taking some time to enjoy the swings.

The family requested photographs that were rich with vibrant colour and captured true candid moments and I did my best to oblige! I especially loved the bubble portion of the session — no matter how old I get, blowing bubbles remains to be a magical activity!

I am beyond grateful to have met this wonderful trio and couldn’t stop smiling as I prepared their final photographs. It was a wonderful morning filled with giggles, gurgles and great memories.

If you know of a family who is struggling with a life-altering diagnosis, please consider telling them about The Tiny Light Foundation. They have a beautiful mission to help families in need capture moments that will be cherished forever.



toronto-wedding-photographer-tractor-coupleSomething I always stress with my wedding photography clients is to simply have fun. Being silly and relaxed with each other always, always, always translates better in a final image than trying to pose the ‘perfect shot.’ Don’t worry about how you may look on camera, concentrate instead on you feel. It’s not your job to be ‘on’ for the camera; it is my job to make sure the camera is on the real, authentic you. Just be yourselves and leave it to me to make the moment look great in your final album.

I believe that the most unforgettable shots are the ones that happen naturally, like this scene of my recent bride and groom perched on top of an enormous tractor.  It was a light, carefree and spontaneous decision that they will remember for years to come and I am completely obsessed with it. Contact me today to inquire about your wedding photos!




toronto-wedding-photographer-country-coupleI am always surprised by the photos that turn out to be my favourites from weddings. More often than not they are the shots that are completely unplanned — the ones that happen when nobody thinks they are being watched. This photo simply melts my heart. The happy couple, highschool sweethearts who tied the knot on their incredible 10-year anniversary, shared this endearing moment before walking down the aisle together. It beautifully captures the ease and calmness that they feel in each other’s presence. At least, that’s how I interpret it. Contact me today to inquire about your wedding photos!




toronto-wedding-photographer-getting-ready toronto-wedding-photographer-getting-ready-part-2My favourite part of any wedding is the getting ready process. Excitement and nerves blended with the giddy effects of caffeine and champagne bubbles charge the atmosphere. Electrifying friendships that have held true for years upon years generate non-stop laughter and just as many happy tears.

Every other moment, whether applying lipstick, wrestling with hairspray, completing the mandatory ‘breast test’ of any strapless gown or lacing up the dress, becomes a picture perfect moment softened by the ripple of soft white fabric.

Getting ready photos never fail to capture the emotional omelette that is the reality of any bride’s wedding day and I am always beyond moved when invited to capture these raw moments. Contact me today to inquire about your wedding!



toronto-wedding-photographer-ringsWhenever I am lucky enough to photograph somebody’s wedding, I like to spend a little extra time on the ring shots. I do this for two reasons. Firstly, once the words ‘I do’ are uttered these rings will never be removed from the hand again. Secondly, a lot of time (and money!) goes into choosing the perfect ring, so it seems like a shame to simply snap one picture and move on.

My personal preference is to style the rings with something that is sentimental to the couple. For example, with this particular pairing I used rustic elements, such as tree branches, wood and picket fences, because the couple loved the outdoors and were having a country wedding.

If you’re photographing wedding or engagement rings and aren’t sure where to begin, try thinking about these three tips:

1. Keep the shot simple and uncluttered so that focus is entirely on the pieces.
2. Experiment with different surfaces, such as tile, wood and even sand to see how different colours and contrasts makes the jewelry pop.
3. Use a shallow F-stop when photographing jewelry so that you can really call attention to the fine details, like the stone (or stones!)

Email me today to book your wedding photos!