toronto-wedding-photographer-ringsWhenever I am lucky enough to photograph somebody’s wedding, I like to spend a little extra time on the ring shots. I do this for two reasons. Firstly, once the words ‘I do’ are uttered these rings will never be removed from the hand again. Secondly, a lot of time (and money!) goes into choosing the perfect ring, so it seems like a shame to simply snap one picture and move on.

My personal preference is to style the rings with something that is sentimental to the couple. For example, with this particular pairing I used rustic elements, such as tree branches, wood and picket fences, because the couple loved the outdoors and were having a country wedding.

If you’re photographing wedding or engagement rings and aren’t sure where to begin, try thinking about these three tips:

1. Keep the shot simple and uncluttered so that focus is entirely on the pieces.
2. Experiment with different surfaces, such as tile, wood and even sand to see how different colours and contrasts makes the jewelry pop.
3. Use a shallow F-stop when photographing jewelry so that you can really call attention to the fine details, like the stone (or stones!)

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