0-extra-5-USM-750To some I am a little late delivering my New Year’s goals and aspirations, but I personally believe that it is best to exercise patience instead of blindly committing oneself to certain improvements while the champagne is flowing and the hype is palpable. So here we are, two weeks later to the day and I think I have figured out what I would like to concentrate and work on this year.

My 2014 aspirations

This is a concept that although simple enough to define, I always find myself struggling with. I am your typical, practically stereotyped ‘creative mind’ — one thought for a new project leads me tumbling directly into another until I’m working in so many different, often opposite, directions that I burn out and find upon reflection that I haven’t really done what I set out to do. So this year I am making a conscious effort to focus.

My photography work I would like to focus mainly on weddings and little ones (and animals too, of course, over at Pawsh Studio). Will I deviate and explore other photography avenues? Of course. But those projects will be kept to my spare time for fun…mostly.

In terms of writing, I have really been all over the map the past few years, which has been a wonderfully exhilarating experience. But  over the past few months the words I pen don’t bring me as much joy as they used to. Something has been missing and I now believe it to be my former connection to creative writing. Fiction, lyrics, plays and children’s books used to occupy my mind and my idle hands, but lately I haven’t paid much attention to the quirky characters and poetic lines jostling through my mind. I find that such a shame. So this year I would like to reacquaint myself with writing for pleasure.

I adore good food and am always in awe of people who are able to collect seemingly random ingredients from the kitchen and whip up something that not only smells amazing, but also tastes fantastic. It is as close a thing to real life magic that I can think of and I want to be able to cast my own culinary spells upon friends and loved ones. So I shall endeavour this year to practice and play in the kitchen.

This one sounds a bit predictable; everyone says they want to stop and smell the roses more whenever a fresh January rolls around. However, this is a philosophy that I truly want to adopt into my life. Our society is entirely consumed with the notion that being ridiculously busy is the ‘thing to do’ or the ‘way to be.’ Don’t get me wrong, I am all for working hard and putting in long hours, pursuing one’s passions and following a dream, but in recent weeks I have had a realization that working all the time, constantly, almost wretchedly, is not the kind of story I wish to share with my future grandchildren.

I would much rather entertain young ears with stories of when I traveled, when I had random adventures, met wonderful new people, had embarrassing moments and all sorts of other happy, unpredictable experiences. So this year I am resolved to schedule in designated vacation time, to put down the phone in the evenings, to stop checking emails at 2AM and to instead busy myself with lovely little life things that make this whole thing worthwhile.

So there they are; my three big aspirations for 2014. Of course, I have all sorts of annoying lists peppered around my desk with far more specific goals like shoot ‘x’ amount of weddings, learn piano, blog more for LLB Creative, resume yoga and bike a marathon, but every specific ambition falls under one of the above categories. So in the spirit of focus, I am keeping my mind clear and sharp and welcoming the idea that great things take time. Here is to a wonderful new year everyone! *clink*

(beautiful family photos are always an incredible new year’s resolution to make)


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