Toronto-wedding-photographer-bridal-party-1 As you know if you follow this humble little blog, I always do my best to encourage bridal clients to have FUN on their day. Don’t worry about timelines, don’t stress about the flowers being delivered a bit late, try not to fuss about the cake if it starts to melt under the summer sun — there are dozens of guests to assign to damage control if need be. Instead focus on the joy of the moment. Let those butterflies jetting around your stomach take flight and carry you to new levels of giddiness and glee.

However, I don’t just encourage this philosophy for my lovely bride and grooms; I also do my best to make sure guests and the bridal party aren’t bogged down by seriousness. The results can be truly heartwarming once everyone lets loose, like these adorable bridal party portraits. I love how you can see the character of each individual person shine based solely upon their chosen ‘funny face.’

Not only does this make for a truly memorable compilation, but it also ensures a beautiful smile seconds after. Don’t worry, as much as I adore and encourage the funny face, I always make sure to get a pretty portrait of everyone too.
Which would you prefer for your bridal party memento? A nice traditional smiling face or a wacky, whimsical funny face? Or both! We can always do both! I can’t stop smiling myself whenever I look at this lovely group!



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