This image is copyright protected and may not be printed, cropped or edited in any manner without direct written consent from the photographer.What I love most about fashion photography is that it is really just a grown-up’s version of playing dress-up. You have a rare opportunity to create characters, dream up backstory, express a mood and shoot something beyond your comfort zone. I love that fashion photography encourages you to experiment and play around. This was an especially fun piece to style — I am obsessed with funky florals and jump at any opportunity to use them! I can’t wait to share more from this wonderful shoot with you in the next few months… for now it has to be kept under wraps. (And yes, that hair is real, not PhotoShopped!)

(Model: Toronto singer/songwriter SNOWZEI)

Want to ham around in front of the camera for your very own fashion shoot? Ask me how! Not only will you receive two hours of studio shoot time, but you will also have access to professional hair and makeup and I will style you! Personal fashion shoots are a wonderful way to boost confidence, have fun and get some truly unique images to look back on. And did I mention it’s like playing dress up? What’s not to love — really!

Don’t think, “Oh I can’t do that…” or “I’m not a model to do that.” Those thoughts are merely personal excuses that prevent us from going out and having true fun. You CAN do a fashion shoot and look amazing, but more importantly taking that leap of faith and doing a fashion shoot with me will FEEL amazing. Promise! These sessions make wonderful presents, profile photographs and memories. A little food for thought.