Toronto wedding photographerToronto wedding photographerToronto wedding photographer Toronto wedding photographerFree Spirit Part II is meant to showcase the ethereal freedom that comes from embracing the movement of one’s own body. It is about not worrying about how one looks while swirling and twirling about, but instead rejoicing in the power and poise of the human form. We were meant to move, we were meant to dance, we were meant to revel in the joy that comes with both of those blessings — so why do so many of us opt out of dancing when the occasion calls for it? Because we fear how me like look to others? Forget that inhibition. True beauty lies in happiness. So dance and be happy.

{CREDITS: Photography by LLB Creative | Fashion designer, Kamilah Headley | Hair & Makeup: Samantha Prescott | Model: Christina Angelopoulos}



Gooseberry Studios