toronto fashion photographerWinter. Oh winter. We meet again. Every year I swear that we’re finally going to become friends, but inevitably I end up under a mountain of blankets whimpering into my fireplace. Well, no more! This year I am resolved to rediscover the extraordinary joys of winter by following these self-imposed guidelines.

toronto fashion photographer

toronto fashion photographerGET OUTSIDE
Yes, actually get outside. Let old Jack Frost nip at your nose. Permit Mother Nature to rouge your cheeks. Drink in the frosted arctic air so that it refreshes your lungs and soul. Marvel at the exquisitely dusted trees and the swirl of your own breath dancing in the air. If you really stop to smell the snowflakes, it is amazing how amazing our winter world really is. Plus, your body will enjoy a boost of natural Vitamin D which is essential to combating Seasonal Affective Disorder.
toronto fashion photographerPLAY
Remember being a kid and gathering all of your friends on a snow day, then refusing to come inside even after the sun went down because you were having too much… what’s the word… fun?! I’m not sure when exactly we lose our childish delight of running around in forty below (I’m guessing some time during teen-dom when all of a sudden we would rather die than be caught sporting snow pants), but rekindling a habit of play is essential for enjoying winter.

Some suggested activities include skating, tobogganing, skiing, having a snowball fight, building a snow man (while belting out the accompanying Frozen song, of course), even partaking in a good old-fashioned game of tag (come on, we’re not THAT grown up or serious, are we?)
toronto fashion photographerBE PRESENT
It is a widely accepted winter pastime to countdown the days until spring and dream about warmer days. However, let’s think about that for a moment. Really think about that. By constantly focusing on the seasons yet to come, we end up wasting 4-6 months of winter away by not being present in our own lives. That is not an insignificant chunk of time. Ladies and gents, we’re Canadian, why not find things to enjoy about winter, whether they be indoor hobbies, cosy nights drinking whiskey with friends, embracing a winter sport or savouring the ambiance of a roaring fireplace?
toronto fashion photographerDRESS FOR THE WEATHER
A revolutionary notion, right? For years I shrugged off the idea of bulky winter layers in lieu of trying to look fashionable (why, oh why? A red runny nose and chattering teeth never look good!) But this year, I am at last embracing the concept of a proper winter parka and thanks to Noize Original I can enjoy warmth and fashion at the same time!

When searching for a winter coat I had two main criteria that it had to meet; I wanted a coat to be Canadian made and cruelty-free. So imagine my delight when I discovered that Noize Original is a Montreal company that always uses faux fur and vegan leather in their designs. Responsible fashion and ethical fashion are very important to me.

I chose the gorgeous KYLA coat in Light Ash and when it arrived in the mail I fell in love with it — HARD. The details are magnificent, the tailoring ideal and there are more pockets than I know what to do with, which is a huge bonus in my books! Other perks of this brand include the coat being machine-washable and affordably priced (you can find it at Costco).

Also, the entire piece is extremely light weight, yet somehow manages to be the warmest thing I’ve ever worn. Seriously while shooting this coat in minus 10 degrees, I actually had to take my trusty toque off because I was too warm. Too warm, I tell you!
toronto fashion photographer

Our natural winter wonderland can be a magical and breathtaking thing to explore as one remains mindful about the season and dresses warmly so that its raw beauty can truly be appreciated. Will you share my pact this year to get out there and enjoy winter?

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