On Saturday Gooseberry hosted its debut Tea Talk Business Coaching Event! This is a monthly program that we created to help support, encourage, educate and inspire entrepreneurs to make their dream jobs come true! More than a workshop, our Tea Talks are designed to be group coaching sessions with Gooseberry so you can really dive in to any questions you may have about your specific business, challenges or goals and come away with an action plan.

Our first topic was “How to turn your IT factor into a winning formula: Creating a cohesive and memorable brand that can be monetized” and it was such fun to explore the strategic pillars of building a brand, as well as chat with wonderful business owners about their branding journeys! Here are a few photos and a video from the day if you’re interested!There’s no reason not to get a little (ahem, I mean a lot!) creative with your business (it’s one of the things I adore most about branding in general). This is the reason why Gooseberry Tea Talks are styled out as an elegant quirky tea party! I like to jokingly say that Tea Talks are ‘grown-up tea parties for creative entrepreneurs who mean business!’ After all, who doesn’t appreciate some Mad Hatter-inspired decor?

Throughout the afternoon various TEASE Blends were served — honestly, the most delicious tea company that I’ve come across to date! On the menu we had a line up of Berry Me In Kisses, Chai Love You and Caramel Cardio (all divine!) as well as a good old pot of Earl Grey on the go! We also served decadent sugar cookies and crisp vanilla wafers! Some pretty chocolate gold coins were also in the mix — as the whole point of the event was to chat about how branding can help make your business profitable it only seemed right.
The conversation was energetic and bubbly! It was wonderful to hear everyone speak so passionately about their businesses and companies! We explored how to create unique branding language, how to leverage branding into supporting sales and marketing initiatives, how to define effective mission statements and elevator pitches, the importance of creating standout branding photography and where to find inspiration to do so… oh and so much more! Talking about business and branding in depth brings me incredible happiness. Geeking out about this stuff (total joy for me personally!) made the three hours fly by in the blink of an eye!
Thank you everyone who came out to our debut Toronto business workshop! It was a wonderful afternoon and I’m very grateful for your support of this new program!

Our next Tea Talk will take place on Sunday April 15th in our studio and is titled “Planning for the worst to be at your best: Navigating the ups and downs of running a business.” This is a topic I wish I had known more about when I first opened my business.  The ebbs and flows of business — yikes! How do you adapt to change as a business? How do you stay relevant in a saturated online world? How do you avoid failure and come out on top when the worst happens? How do you market effectively and handle those curve balls that are inevitably thrown into the mix?

Not only will Gooseberry explore these questions (and more) in detail with you, but we’ll share our tried and true strategies to overcoming the unexpected in an always changing marketplace. And we’ll have a soothing pot of mint tea on the go with heavenly biscuits!



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