What romantic elopements mean at Gooseberry“Romantic, to us, means unabashed and a little undone. It means hair blowing freely in the wind. It means laughing so hard that champagne might come out of your nose. It means running and twirling and playing together for the pure joy of it — and finding pockets of time to escape into so you can fully embrace moments big enough for two.

Romance is uncomplicated and unfussy. It’s raw and simple and sweet. It’s a hand gently resting on the small of a back. It’s exploring somewhere wild and losing all sense of time. It’s fingers laced into one another that never want to let go. It’s inside jokes that make no sense to the outside world. It’s an ease of togetherness and an ability to make anything feel like a dream by just being, without pomp or circumstance. This is the feeling Gooseberry brings to life in our Styled Bridal Sessions and elopement adventures.”