Gooseberry couples take messy hair while dancing over perfectly posed photos any day. They run and play together without worrying about whether or not the dress gets dirty. And they aren’t afraid of laughing so hard that champagne might come out of their nose. Gooseberry’s Toronto elopement photography team creates dreamy, down-to-earth romantic adventures for modern couples who want to tie the knot without getting tangled up in the messy stress of traditional wedding planning.
We do the wedding thing in a wildly different way – and the results are pure romantic enchantment.


We won’t be everybody’s cup of tea…
but we are the best tea ever to those couples who feel our unique bridal vibe!


Do you HATE the idea of…

  • spending a fortune on a wedding?
  • dedicating a whole year to planning a wedding?
  • then carrying that planning stress for months on end?
  • managing a huge guest list?
  • navigating all the ins and outs of booking multiple vendors?
  • a jam-packed day that leaves you feeling exhausted?

Do you LOVE the idea of…

  • magazine quality photography that captures your true story
  • emotional video to watch over and over as you grow old together
  • dreamy cinematic settings that feel like movie moments
  • celebrating completely privately, with just one another
  • a calm, relaxed experience that you can soak up and savour
  • a no stress day to celebrate your love story, your way

If you answered yes to more than three of these questions…
Gooseberry’s elopement photography services might be just the thing you’ve been looking for.



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toronto elopement photographer

Gooseberry’s Styled Bridal Sessions deliver all the elegance and dreamy finishes of a fashionable wedding in a chic capsule format that is budget-friendly and drenched in romantical (oh-yes, that’s a word) magic!

We offer stunning florals, intimate ambiance, breathtaking settings, make-your-heart-skip-a-beat photography and video, and most importantly of all, zero stress! We empower you to celebrate your love story on your terms in a modern, stylish and affordable way.
True romance lies in simplicity — and that’s where the lasting magic lives.



$1500 (+HST)

Capture your heartfelt moments and
gorgeous editorialized portraits big enough for two.

    • a pre-shoot consultation
    • 3 hours of shoot time | 60-100 images
    • styled Champagne Date
    • location scouting + shoot planning
    • wardrobe styling support
    • a floral bouquet
    • a fine art print suite
      (one 16×20, two 8×10, three 5×7)


  • a 2-5 minute video
  • your choice of sweet or savoury snack plate
  • an 8×8 Heirloom Album (64 pages)
  • additional fine art prints
  • hair and makeup



How many people can participate in a Styled Bridal Shoot?
Our styled bridal shoots are mindfully designed to capture intimate moments big enough for two. In other words, these shoots are suitable for the couple only.
Can I invite also just my parents or my best friend to be a part of this, pretty please?
Our special brand of magic only works for two people – a couple. These aren’t family sessions or traditional wedding sessions, these are intimate magical portraits of romantic love stories for couples who want to celebrate their story privately without any of the typical wedding stress.
Can I bring an officiant to the photo session so we can do a small ceremony?
No. Not at this time.
Who are Styled Bridal Sessions for?
Great question! GOOSEBERRY’s Styled Bridal Sessions are best suited for adventurous, modern, non-traditional couples who crave the look and feel of a dreamy wedding experience without actually throwing a wedding. In other words, our styled photo sessions are for couples who don’t want to throw a big lavish wedding, but who are also passionate about their love story and want to celebrate it in a unique and memorable way.

Our couples want simplicity, ease and no-stress. They want a fresh, contemporary option for celebrating their lives together in a beautiful, swoon-worthy way. A truly romantic down-to-earth experience that feels like an iconic movie moment is what they crave. They want the look and feel of a romantic wedding photography collection without the massive task (or expense!) of managing an actual wedding.

How do Styled Bridal Sessions work as part of a wedding format?
There are a few different formulas to choose from. A few of our favourites that we personally recommend:

The first option: The couple goes to city hall to exchange vows, comes to GOOSEBERRY for a styled bridal session and intimate ‘champagne date’ and then continues on to friends and family for dinner.

A second option: The couple comes to GOOSEBERRY for a styled bridal session and intimate ‘champagne date’ (first looks are possible here, as is reading of self-written vows), then continue to city hall to sign the wedding license and meet up with friends and family.

Another option: The couple books their styled bridal session on a separate day from exchanging vows.

Booking a Styled Bridal Session on a separate day from exchanging our vows? Doesn’t that take away from the wedding experience?
This is a matter of personal preference, but in our opinion, no not at all! Traditional weddings typically always stretch out over multiple days of celebration – bridal showers, bachelorette parties, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, the wedding day itself, then the after wedding breakfast receptions and honeymoon. People dedicate entire weeks or weekends to wedding celebrations, so in our mind doing your styled bridal session the day before or after you formally exchange vows and sign your wedding license doesn’t water down the profoundness of the occasion.
Can Styled Bridal Sessions suit more couple moments than just bridal occasions?
We’re so glad you asked, because while weddings are beautiful moments, a couple’s life together holds so many incredible occasions that are worthy of celebration. These sessions are idyllic for:

– newlyweds
– vow renewals
– elopements
– engagements
– proposals
– anniversaries
– wedding redos

AND they are also a beautiful way to celebrate life moments, by which we mean any happy occasion experienced by a couple, such as:

– Expecting a baby? Celebrate!
– Crushed a big promotion? Celebrate!
– Bought your first home? Celebrate!

What is a wedding re-do?
Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, couples aren’t in love with the photos from their wedding day, which is heartbreaking. Our styled bridal shoots are a great opportunity to get dressed up in your wedding clothes again and capture gorgeous editorialized images of your story to treasure forever.
How far in advance should we book our Styled Bridal Session?
You can reserve a date at any time. However, please note that GOOSEBERRY currently only offers 4 Styled Bridal Sessions per month and our calendar fills up quickly. We recommend getting in touch for your preferred date as soon as possible so we can reserve it for you!
Is a bouquet included?
A bouquet is optional, yes! Full disclosure – we don’t fret too much about which flowers are included in the bundle, instead embracing a wild and rustic aesthetic. We keep it super low-maintenance (and in our opinion, dreamier!) by partnering with a local, chemical free florist. Simply stop by and pick up a gorgeous pre-arranged bouquet on us or we can bring the blooms!
Can we include some props of our own?
If you have sentimental items that you’d like to include in your styled bridal session we can find a way to work them in beautifully.
What if my family is upset they can’t be part of this experience?
We believe that love stories should be celebrated in whatever way feels exciting and fulfilling for the couple. If having family present during your wedding experience is important to you, our styled bridal sessions aren’t a good fit and you need a more traditional wedding photographer instead.
What is Gooseberry's definition of romantic?
Oooh, we adore this question! Romantic, to us, means unabashed and a little undone. It means hair blowing freely in the wind vs formal up-dos; it means laughing so hard that champagne might come out of your nose. Romance means dancing in the street and embracing moments big enough for two.

It embodies that Parisian approach of scooping up some fresh bread, a hunk of cheese, a bottle of wine and dining on a park bench overlooking the city you call home. Or staying up late chatting about everything under the sun. It means embracing the concept of unplanned moments and uncovering the magic that lies within.

What should we wear?
Honestly, whatever you like! Slip into a wedding dress and tux, opt for a gorgeous gown and dress shirt with suspenders, or whatever makes you feel your best! We typically recommend dressing up a little more formally. Still not sure? Don’t worry! Our Styled Bridal Sessions include wardrobe styling support from us (including the option to rent a gorgeous designer gown) should you like some assistance!
Where will our Styled Bridal Session take place?
We recommend a spot that is sentimental to you – your backyard, a favourite park, a beautiful outdoor space, the city neighbourhood where you met etc. We believe that capturing your photos in a place that has left an impression upon your heart creates a dreamy backdrop for your real world love story.
Will GOOSEBERRY help us choose a location?
We would be delighted to assist! Our team is available to help you choose a location and we can recommend some lovely picturesque areas too. Please note that sometimes a permit is required or travel is required, which may incur an additional cost.
Will GOOSEBERRY assist with planning out the Styled Bridal Session?
Absolutely! Every photo session comes with a detailed consultation meeting to map out the day, personalize the occasion to your unique preferences and suit your style! We are here to help you and support you every step of the way so that all you have to do on the day of your photo session is arrive and smile!
I still have questions...
Please feel free to reach out to us here and pepper us with all of your questions!




“We had photos taken by another photographer the day of our wedding and we weren’t happy with them at all. We hired Laura and her team for a Styled Bridal Session and it was incredible from start to finish! She and her team made us feel extremely comfortable, gave us really good direction, and were very respectful of social distancing. My husband and I also really appreciated a break during the shoot to enjoy a little romantic bubbly together, just us two. It felt like a romantic date, not rushed or hectic, just calm and memorable. We were able to capture such beautiful moments and we will cherish these photos forever! Thank you Laura!”


Gooseberry offers intimate styled bridal shoots that are just big enough for two people wildly in love, who want to celebrate their journey in a meaningful, dreamy way, on their terms. Our team helps you focus on what really matters – the laughter, the happy tears, the goofing around and the dancing – while delivering cinematic artistic images that will make the heart skip a beat for years to come.