Branding photography
is so much more than a pretty picture.

It’s about creating an emotional connection with your audience. The magic of professional branding photography done well is that it can be anything you imagine and used in countless ways to elevate, market and evolve your business.

As your Toronto branding photography team we can help you illustrate your passions and mission, and bring personality to your products and services. In other words, we can capture the imagination of your ideal client and connect them to possibility. We can bring what you want to say to life.




Branding photography
may be your next step if…

Would you invest in a service or product that had poorly lit, uninspiring photography? Of course not! Therefore, high-quality, customized branding photography is a must.

Doing the same thing as everybody else won’t attract an audience’s attention. You need custom-tailored photography to set yourself apart from the crowd.

People connect visually with a brand before they pause to read a word. As a result, a great image captures the imagination. Expand your reach with unique photography.




Gooseberry’s Toronto branding photography
services are ideal for…

Editorial branding and personal branding photography concepts, as well as food photography,
product photography, headshots and (quite possibly our favourite) commercial dog photography too.





Our branding photography team can provide

Art Direction
The true magic of our photoshoots lies in our gorgeous, trend-breaking art direction to evoke the mood, tone and aesthetic you’re dreaming of in a strategic, stress-free manner.


Location Scouting + Set Design
Whether building a custom set for you in our studio, getting access to other exclusive spaces or finding the idyllic outdoor location, we’ve got you covered.

Wardrobe + Prop Styling
Need help deciding what to wear? We can help style you out of your own closet. Similarly, we can help you source clothing too. In addition, we help with prop-sourcing too!


Hair + Makeup
Hair and makeup that actually looks like you. No prom throwbacks or pancaked foundation that leaves you feeling heavy. In other words, a fun and fresh approach to your gorgeous face that will help you to feel confident.






{We hate when pricing is hidden, so here are our rates.}


$1400 + HST
(3 hours of shoot time)


  • pre-shoot consultation
  • art direction
  • 1 hour Virtual Styling Appointment (optional)
  • location / studio scouting
  • up to 3 hours of shoot time
  • Proof Gallery
  • client’s choice of up to 40 final hi-res retouched images


$2800 + HST
(6 hours)


  • pre-shoot consultation
  • art direction
  • 2 hour Virtual Styling Appointment (optional)
  • location / studio scouting AND itinerary planning
  • up to 6 hours of shoot time
  • Proof Gallery
  • client’s choice of up to 100 final hi-res retouched images










Will I get to choose my photos?
Yes! You will be provided with a Proof Gallery by our Toronto branding photography team, which will house all the best footage of your shoot. After that you can choose the exact images you would like in your final collection (which will be retouched and sent to you in a private online gallery).
Do I have to be in Toronto to shoot with GOOSEBERRY?
Nope! There are lots of options for working together on a photography project. Have products? Simply ship them to our studio and we’ll dial you into the shoot. Many of our clients come into Toronto and make a weekend of their photoshoot experience. Similarly, we’re delighted to travel for an inspiring project; although travel fees may apply.
I need photography, but I don't know where to start?
Don’t worry, GOOSEBERRY is here to help! All of our photoshoots come with a pre-shoot consultation. In other words, we have a meeting before shoot day to chat through your ideas, the visual goals of the shoot, styling and the shotlist. In addition, we take care of art direction for you, which means that we listen to your ambitions and then bring creative concepts to the table for you to choose from. After that we offer support in pulling the whole shoot together.
What subjects can be included in branding photography?
Our branding photoshoots are well-suited for fashion, food, beauty, personal branding, lookbooks, interiors, product, animals and headshot subjects. In other words, our shoots are very versatile. Feel free to browse our portfolios here.


I feel too awkward/nervous to have my photo taken. What do I do?
Honestly, pretty much every single person who comes through our Toronto branding photography studio doors feels the exact same way. It’s totally okay! Our gentle directing style and intuitive approach to shooting captures individuals at their best in a way that is comfortable, fun and has you excited about the results! In other words, we’re here to help you help you feel confident and relaxed in your shoot.
What if I need more robust branding development?
GOOSEBERRY can help! Please take a peek at our Brand Strategy Services.
Does GOOSEBERRY offer portraits or family sessions?
Yes, we do! We’re known for our annual Mini Session events that run seasonally and offer families an affordable way to keep their photographs up to date. The best way to get access to these events is to sign up to our Mini Session mailing list (we only email when Mini Sessions are open for booking). In addition, we also offer private portrait sessions for those who are interested, complete with hair/makeup and styling support. 




toronto branding photographyHi, I’m Laura!

My photography style is best described as vibrant, lively and genuine. However, I’m known to adore the occasional moody concept too.

I believe in messy hair, bold lipstick and puppy kisses. When I don’t have my nose buried in a book searching for inspiration, I can usually be found guzzling tea (Earl Grey of course). I’ll also be busy dancing around the studio, chasing after my two fur monsters, biking, baking and sipping rye and gingers with loved ones.

I’m passionate about breaking down the intimidating walls that exist around photography and helping people find their confidence on camera. I write about this a lot in The Gooseberry Review too.

My photography work has appeared in a variety of publications over the years, including VOGUE UK, Style at Home, The Everygirl and Optimyz Magazine.

I would love to chat with you about your photography goals! (Book a consultation; I’ll bring the tea and cookies!)