You know what I love most about fashion photography? More than the clothes and the creative process, more than the various tones that fashion photography can be captured in and the opportunity to play with light and shadow, I love the idea that the women I photograph will one day, perhaps in their retirement surrounded by great grandkids with a million laugh lines crinkling around their eyes, look back on these images and think, “Wow. I was a total babe!”

There is a saying that youth is wasted on the young, which has only started to resonate with me as I prepare to exit my twenties. As women we spend too much of our youth deeply criticizing our bodies. Our looks are somehow paramount, even to ourselves, and we waste hours putting on makeup, deciding what to wear, and after all that effort still not being satisfied with what we see in the mirror. Fashion photography, however, has the power to capture a woman at her most confident and creative. That is something truly precious. My Toronto fashion photography shoots are grounded in a down-to-earth style, because I believe that real life is already totally Vogue. I always advise ladies to keep their makeup to a minimum and to bring outfits that they truly love and (most importantly) feel comfortable in. My Toronto streetstyle photography shoots are an opportunity to capture women in a genuine, vibrant and lively manner, and in a style that they can feel proud, excited and happy about. I want them to see themselves how I see them — as beautiful, capable, enthusiastic persons who are bursting with endless potential to do anything they want.

In the past year and half I’ve really fallen in love with fashion photography by putting my own unique Gooseberry spin on to it and by crafting images that are more than trendy looks and unrealistic representations of self. I like to think of my fashion shoots as a fun celebration of a moment in a time, with a dash of dress up and a lot of coming into one’s own.

So today I would like to reveal a limited time only Fashion Photography Special, designed to celebrate the individual in a way that they can look back on forever. (Details below!)

$300/month for 3 monthly shoots

  • a pre-shoot consultation
  • creative storyboarding with photographer
  • 2.5 hours of shoot time
  • up to 2 locations (providing they are 10 min apart)
  • up to 6 looks
  • UNLIMITED final hi-res retouched images of your choice
  • Instagram layout services
  • BONUS 1 hour monthly Blogging or Business Mentoring Session for FREE!!!!

{Regular Fashion Photography Package is $350/month for 3 monthly shoots and caps final images at 50 per shoot. And the Mentoring Session is usually extra too!}

This special will expire on May 30th, 2017 and shoots will take place in June, July and August. There are only SIX of these packages available, which will be reserved on a first come first served basis. Why, you are probably wondering? Because I want to be sure I can devote complete attention to each fashion shoot and help my clients come up with really imaginative concepts that will make their blog or brand really standout. Payment plans will be available.

To reserve or inquire about your Spring 2017 Fashion Photography Special please
complete this booking link
CONTACT ME HERE or at [email protected].


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