Whether you’re your own boss or working for somebody else, we all have those pesky ‘I have to do this but I really really hate this’ tasks that at the end of the day just have to get done. Perhaps book keeping is your nemesis, maybe sending out contracts and invoices isn’t your jam, or maybe returning endless emails gets you a bit down.

Whatever your despised action item is (and be honest, we all have them no matter how much we love our jobs), we’re happy to report that we’ve come up with a tried and true strategy to turn those frowns upside down and restore the fun to work; all aspects of work!

The trick? Change the experience. For example, if sitting down to write a blog post makes you want to pull your hair out, because writing isn’t your favourite thing in the world, bring in elements and an ambience that makes you feel happier.
Personally, we like to tidy up desks before sitting down to tasks that aren’t our favourite so that the work space is calm and serene. Then we like to dress up a tea tray (yes, we have the habits of an 80-year-old woman and love it) and bring it into the office for a private little tea party. This way even though the actual task before isn’t the most glamorous in the world, we can bring a bit of glam to the experience.

Gooseberry believes that sipping on a delicious hot brew, like TEASE Chai Love You, and nibbling on a sweet treat, like dark chocolate, makes our brains happier, which improves our mood and thus in turn makes the despised task not that bad after all. Productivity is boosted, as is the tone of the day.

Plus when you have something as darling as the Mod White Teapot sitting on your desk, which has a loose tea basket inside for added convenience, you can’t help but smile! Give it a twirl! Create a mini experience for your work day and surround yourself with items that bring you joy — and let us know if this nifty little trick changes your work experience too!


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