One of Gooseberry’s 2018 goals is to shoot more personal photography projects, which is why we’re delighted to introduce the TASTE Fashion Editorial Series — an on-going Toronto fashion photography project that combines imaginative creative looks with popular Toronto restaurants to celebrate the idea of indulging in life’s little luxuries. What I’ve always adored about fashion photography is the promise of playing make believe. For a brief moment you can completely escape into a story, another world, a deliciously dramatic plot. Our amazing team will be working on a fresh TASTE Fashion Editorial installment every month this year to bring together a collection of creatively challenging pieces designed to inspire and entertain.

The first edition of this series is called “Beauty and the Brunch,” a tongue and cheek narrative about a (fictional) woman who adores brunching on her own terms, complete with faux-fur, bold eyeshadow and sassy glam glam glam. Here’s the full shoot if you’re interested:

Remember, fashion, style, food — it’s all about your taste and nobody else’s.

Photography/Videography/Art Direction |  Gooseberry Studios
Styling/Modeling  |  Gotham + Grace
Makeup  |  Jessica Desjardins
Venue Special Thanks  |  Planta

Gooseberry Studios